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TOSKANI Sensitive Cocktail


For sensitive and irritated skin. Intensive daily treatment, enriched with natural extracts whose properties lead to exceptionally calmed and relaxed skin. 

Suitable for daily use.

Active Ingredients:

Red algae extract - Reduces inflammation and skin sensitivity

Natural plant extract (Woody resurrection plant) – Reduces redness, dehydration and protects skin against blue light.

Vitamin B5 – Reduces inflammation, soothes and increases skin softness

Vitamin C – Improves skin firmness, prevents wrinkles, and brightens skin

Sugars (Biosaccharide) – Moisturizing and soothing to the skin

Apply one ampoule all over the face and neck.
Suitable for daily use.

(To open the ampoule, hold the bottom of the ampoule with your non-dominant hand, and grasp the white line on the neck of the ampoule using your dominant thumb and index finger. A light snap will cleanly open the ampoule. We recommend using a tissue/gauze while opening the ampoule.)

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