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TOSKANI Purifying Cocktail


For oily skin and skin with imperfections. Intensive daily moisturizing treatment with ingredients that help to re-balance the skin’s lipid layer, preventing the appearance of imperfections. They help regulate sebum production, close pores and achieve a soft, matte complexion.

Suitable for daily use.

Active Ingredients:

Natural plant extract (African spider flower) - Reduces oily skin

Red algae extract -  Reduces inflammation and skin sensitivity

Vitamin B5 - Reduces inflammation, soothes and increases skin softness

Vitamin C – Improves skin firmness, prevents wrinkles, and brightens skin

Vitamin E & Zinc – Promotes healing

Apply one ampoule all over the face and neck.
Suitable for daily use.

(To open the ampoule, hold the bottom of the ampoule with your non-dominant hand, and grasp the white line on the neck of the ampoule using your dominant thumb and index finger. A light snap will cleanly open the ampoule. We recommend using a tissue/gauze while opening the ampoule.)

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