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Acne Clearing Sleeping Mask

This calming & hydrating rescue mask is specially formulated for acne-prone skin to speed the healing of acne blemishes and scarring while keeping new problems at bay. Using natural ingredients such as silk crystal, tea tree, ginseng and elm, this fast-acting, non-drying, pleasant scented formula fights acne-causing bacteria, calms acne, reduces redness and soothes irritation. At the same time, it hydrates and regenerates the skin, leaving pores clean and smooth.
Safe for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and ages (including children).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the differences between IYAC’s moisturizers?
- Nano Gold Day Cream has a lotion texture for everyday use and is suitable for normal to combination skin.
- Muru Muru Recovery Cream has a lightweight cream texture for anti-aging function and is suitable for moderately dry skin.
- Acne Clearing Sleeping Mask has a light, gel texture that doubles up in the daytime as a moisturizer for oily, acne-prone skin types.

Active Ingredients:

Tea tree oil - Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities; reduces acne by targeting both inflamed and non-inflamed lesions.
Witch hazel - Works as an astringent to clean skin and close pores; disinfects the skin, reduces swelling and inflammation, and prevents new acne development.
Elm - Soothes irritated and inflamed skin, promotes wound healing and reduces eczema and other skin irritations.
Formulated without:
Parabens, Propylene glycol, and Colouring agents.
Immediately after cleansing, apply a generous amount all over the face, or after applying Acne Spot Serum.
Wash off with lukewarm water the next morning.
Use nightly to treat an outbreak or a few times a week for maintenance. The mask can also double as a daytime moisturizer to stabilize actively inflamed skin.

Customer Review

5 5 6 Product
5 - 6 Reviews
5 1 5
07 March, 2020
"Skin is significantly clearer and more hydrated with only 1 use!"

My teenage son has been using this mask for a month and his skin is significantly clearer and more hydrated with only 1 use. He loves the product and the results it brings!

5 1 5
07 March, 2020
"Helpful in preventing acne breakouts! :) "

Helpful in preventing acne breakouts! :)

5 1 5
22 February, 2020
"Skin feels softer and looks a lot cleaner. Prevented me from breaking out. My skin feels amazing!"

Ever since i started using the Acne Clearing Sleeping Mask from IYAC 2 years ago, my skin feels softer and looks a lot cleaner. It has prevented me from breaking out. Upon application, there is even a slight minty feeling. My skin feels amazing!

5 1 5
06 November, 2019
"White heads are less, and when they appear, they are easy to remove with gentle pressure"

Despite my mature age of 73 yrs, I still get troublesome white heads, black heads and occasional “bumps” mainly in the oily T - center area (around nose, below chin). And in past few months, rough spots have also appeared below angle of my jaws. I can’t see these spots, but I can feel the “roughness" there. Since I started using this product a few weeks ago, twice a day on these affected areas, I’ve found that the white heads are less, and when they appear, they are easy to remove with gentle pressure. The “lumps” haven’t appeared, and generally I have a cleaner, blemish-free skin. More importantly, this treatment product doesn’t dry up the skin, unlike all other acne-skin preparations that tend to dry up the affected skin areas.

5 1 5
11 October, 2019
"Sweet, light, moisturizing."

Sweet, light, moisturizing. Does not give me more breakouts.

5 1 5
30 August, 2019
"Very effective!"

Smells great, cooling and very effective for clearing the skin!

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