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Travel set for Dry & Aging Skin

For the frequent fliers!
Conveniently designed for hassle-free travel, IYAC’s travel sets are a collection of essentials that will keep your skin clean, clear and glowing wherever you go.
Includes 7 products:
Deep Pore Cleansing Foam – Silk Crystal®, Nano Gold, Mulberry, Orange, Lemon, Pomegranate, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate.
Hydrating Soothing Essence - Silk Crystal, Tremella mushroom, Ginseng, Chamomile
White Lotus Intensive Oil - Jojoba oil, Squalane, Sweet Almond oil, Camellia oil, Soybean oil, Ginger, Avocado oil, Sesame oil, Lotus, Aloe Vera, Reishi, Blue Magnolia, Silk Crystal®
Nutrient Serum - Arbutin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract (Apple Stem cell), Carnosine, Tocopherols, Silymarin
Nutrient C Cream – Arbutin, Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract (Apple stem cell), Vitamin C, Ameliox, Perfection Peptide P3, Shea butter
Silk Sun Screen (SPF 30) - Silk Crystal®, Silk Micro Powder, Nano Gold, Polyphenol, Vitamin E, A derivatives, Aspartic Acid, Grape Seed, Grapefruit Seed, Gingko, Rosemary, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera.
Stem Cell Sleeping Mask - Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract (Apple stem cell), Vitamin C, Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract (Swiss Garden Cress), Carnosine, Hexanoyl Dipeptide-3 Norleucine Acetate (Peptides)
Step 1 Cleanse - AM & PM - Deep Pore Cleansing Foam
Apply a small amount of foam to the palm of your hand and gently wash your face. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use twice daily or as often as needed.
Step 2a Tone - AM & PM - Hydrating Soothing Essence
Botanical, multi-benefit toner with silk crystal®, tremella mushroom, ginseng and chamomile that revitalizes, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Apply with fingers to entire face, eyes and neck. Pat gently for absorption.
Step 2b Seal - PM - White Lotus Intensive Oil
Botanical, chemical-free oil with 100% natural oils derived from Asian plants, soothes irritated skin, hydrates and protects dry skin. After cleansing & toning, use 2 drops and apply with fingers to face, eyes and neck.
Step 3 Treat - AM & PM - Nutrient Serum
Anti-aging & hydrating serum with apple stem cell extracts, silymarin, arbutin, carnosine, tocopherols and hyaluronic acid, firms, lightens and evens out skin tone. Apply a generous amount of serum to the whole face, around the eyes and neck.
Step 4 Moisturize - AM & PM - Nutrient C Cream
Regenerative, light-weight, luxurious cream with concentrated peptides, vitamin C and stem cell extracts, hydrates, firms and lightens skin. Revolutionary plant-derived stem cell extracts prevent and protect against cell aging. Use 2 pumps and apply with fingers to entire face and neck.
Step 4 Protect - AM - Silk Sun Screen (SPF 30)
Spread a thin layer of Silk Sun Screen evenly over the face. Protection begins immediately upon application to the skin. Use as often as necessary.
----- TWICE A WEEK -----
Step 2 Mask - PM - Stem Cell Sleeping Mask
Anti-aging & energizing gel-mask with apple stem cell extracts, carnosine and peptides, revitalizes and brightens up the skin. Wake up to glowing refreshed skin.
On clean skin, apply a generous amount onto the whole face, around the eyes and neck. Leave on overnight. Rinse thoroughly the next morning. For very dry skin, apply essence or serum first, before putting on the mask.

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12 April, 2019
"Must grab travel kit products"

I received a message last winter on Instagram while I was chasing the aurora in Finland.

The message was, “We are trying to put together a collection of beauty tips and hacks from the entire globetrotter like yourself.” They wanted me to share how I take care of my skin when I travel.

Last winter, I used the following products from IYAC Aesthetic Clinic for my trip. My skin remained supple and radiant despite the temperature being below -20 degrees Celsius.

For Cleansing
I used either the IYAC Silk Cleaning Mousse or Deep Pore Cleaning Foam.

During the Day
I used the IYAC Hydrating Soothing Essence, Nutrient Serum, and Day Crème followed by the application of sunblock and light makeup.

At Night after Cleansing
I used the IYAC Hydrating Soothing Essence, Nutrient Serum, and Stem Cell Sleeping Mask.

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