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24 Mar, 2020 / Facials

By now, beauty enthusiasts would have at least heard of, if not tried for themselves, Rejuran, an increasingly popular salmon DNA injectable from South Korea. Rejuran, also known as “baby skin boosters or 婴儿针”, can rejuvenate, heal and protect the skin.

With Rejuran, the skin’s foundation improves, with more collagen, elastin and hydration and less inflammation. This translates to:

Smoother skin with softened lines and scars
More supple skin with greater lift and elasticity, and 
Calmer skin with fewer blemishes.

For all that it delivers, those who attest to the benefits of Rejuran, have also been mindful of the associated multiple injections and the temporary post-injection welts.

While maximal benefits of Rejuran can only be derived with these dermal injections, we understand that not everyone can tolerate needles, pain or downtime.

Hence, introducing IYAC’s Ultimate Regenerative Facial, a wellness facial designed for sensitive, dry and aging skin, that uses a needleless technique to infuse PDRN (the topical version of salmon DNA in Rejuran) and anti-aging actives deep into the dermis for healing and regenerating the skin back to its “baby” soft state.

Benefits of URF:

- Using micro-current therapy for dermal infusion, it increases energy flow and blood circulation while reducing facial tension and
- A customized cocktail of PDRN, hyaluronic acid (hydrating), peptides (firming) and growth factors (repairing and strengthening).

Regenerate, rejuvenate.
Anti-age without needles, lasers or downtime.

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Ultimate Regenerative Facial is recommended to anyone who desires a fresher and more youthful appearance; specially created for tired, aging and/or sensitive skin; suitable for all skin types and conditions. For more information or to book an appointment contact us at (65) 6738 9929.

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