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15 Oct, 2019 / Facials

Skin can get inflamed for all sorts of reasons. Exercise, travel, stress, certain foods, hormones and products containing harsh ingredients are all triggers. Dry and cold climates can irriate the skin. And being outdoors where you’re exposed to sun (burn – oh no!) and even wind can weaken the outer skin layer causing dry, fragmented skin cells.

So what to do – never travel, eat chocolate or spend time in nature? That’s not a life worth living. Soak up the great outdoors (wearing sunscreen, of course), follow these skin-saving travel tips, and be kind to your skin by scheduling regular facials.

Why monthly facials? Because having a professional access your skin once a month is all about prevention. And we all know that prevention is better than cure.


Here’s more:

Why are facials recommended once a month?

The one-facial-a-month rule of thumb is based on the fact that treating your skin every four weeks is usually enough to keep oily skin in check, clear clogged pores before they can turn into angry comedones, and hydrate areas that tend to parch despite frequent moisturizer use (we’re talking to you, cheeks and eyes). Facials calm the skin and reset pH balance, while boosting cell regeneration in the skin’s outer layer. And, facials aren’t just calming to the face; they’re a one-hour release for the mind, too.


What type of facial should I get?

That depends. Some people are creatures of habit and schedule the exact same facial every month, while others are more open to advice from their aesthetician. Skin, after all, is a living, breathing organ – and a fickle one at that (see first paragraph above). Skin changes with seasons, situations and monthly cycles, so it’s best to access what you need every time you come in.

Though a proper assessment is recommended, people with these problems can consider these facials:

Dry skin – a moisture-infused Hydrating C facial to restore a luminous glow
Acne-prone skin – treat and prevent flare-ups with a Pimple and Pores facial
Normal to combination – our Classic facial is the most popular facial for routine maintenance
Aging – older skin gets maximum benefit from the powerhouse ingredients in the Stem Cell Anti-Aging facial


Why can’t I do my own facial at home?

By all means, you can! But, you should think about a home facial and a spa facial as two different treatments for two different purposes. Sometimes it can be very relaxing to have an indulgent night of self-care. Take the time to patiently apply high-quality, premium skincare products and give them the optimal time to work while you sip fruit infused water and read a good book or watch Netflix. 

Spa facials take a home facial to the next level by using medical-care ingredients (like our proprietary-blended infusions) and devices (LED light therapy, lasers and radiofrequency) are not available for home use. 

There is a reason your skin feels so supple and healthy after a facial. Just like getting your teeth professionally cleaned or getting your hair cut at a salon, professional facials are part of basic personal care to keep yourself looking and feeling great.

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