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12 Nov, 2019 / Slimming

You do some form of cardio twice a week, watch your diet, and generally feel good about your appearance. Then you put on that slinky little cocktail dress, spin in front of the mirror to check your ass-ets...and lo and behold bra bulge. 

As we age, this upper back fat is caused by a loss of back muscle strength and tone coupled with excess body fat. Because we tend to focus on what we can see, exercises targeting the front, like our arms and abs, are the most common and we neglect our backs. As the back muscles become thinner, fat fills the deep spaces between the muscles, then gravity (the enemy of us all!) causes the muscles and fats to sag. 

Add to that a poor fitting bra that accentuates the fat by digging in…and, well, bra bulge.

What can you do?

The first step to reducing fat in this area is to target with exercises. Katherin Saoud, a pilates instructor in Singapore with 16 years of experience, suggests three exercises. All of these can be done with small weights, toning balls, or even two full water bottles! 

Incorporating these into your regular exercise routine is easy. For each exercise below, start with five reps on each side every other day for 10 days. Increase to eight reps each side for the next 10 days. Then 10 reps each side after that.

For videos of all three exercises, click here


The Finishing Touch

In addition to exercise, fat freezing can put the finishing touches on sculpting that stubborn bra bulge. A non-invasive medical procedure called cryolipolysis targets localized fat deposits with cold temperatures between +5 to −5°C. The freezing causes the fat cells to crystalize and slowly die. Cell death is a normal body process. In fact, the average adult naturally loses 50-70 billion cells every day. 


Where do these dead fat cells go?

They are metabolized, absorbed through the lymphatic system and excreted from the body through the liver. The whole fat cell elimination process takes between two to four months.

Because fat cells can return, it’s important to maintain your weight with exercise and a healthy diet. As long as you don’t backslide fat freezing is a permanent solution.

So, carry on with your lat pulls and push-ups and everyone will look admiringly as you walk away.

Curious about what to expect in a fat freezing session? Take a look at @lucindazhou’s experience with the Clatuu Alpha machine here.

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