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15 Sep, 2019 / Skincare

For products that you wear twice a day (sometimes more) on the most frontal-facing part of your body, skincare isn’t a choice you want to get wrong. But what’s right? The decision is personal and based upon a slew of factors, including skin condition, price, shopping habits, advertising, advice from friends, moms and magazine editors – the list goes on. If you’re searching for the right skincare, here are three factors we recommend you look for before purchasing.   

1. Natural ingredients

Follow the same rule for skincare as is recommended for eating – if you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it. Skin is the biggest organ of the human body. Products that are applied to the skin are quickly absorbed and circulated through the body by the bloodstream. A recent study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal JAMA found that chemicals in sunscreen enter the bloodstream at levels that exceeded the threshold established by the FDA. The systemic absorption of sunscreen ingredients supports the need for further studies to determine the clinical significance of these findings. These results do not indicate that individuals should refrain from using sunscreen. Studies like these underline the need to choose skincare with care and to evaluate the ingredients in terms of safety to the overall body. EWG is a good resource for safety information on products and individual ingredients.

2. Powerhouse ingredients

After the safety of a particular brand is established, the next issue to tackle is efficacy. Look past packaging, branding and promotions and evaluate the underlying product inside. What are the active ingredients in the moisturizer? If there is a premium to pay for the eye serum (there usually is), do the ingredients support the price increase? Does the product include ingredients that are healing and revitalizing to the skin, and if so, in what concentrations? Look for ingredients like: stem cells, astaxanthin, Vitamin C, black ginseng, tremella mushroom, Swiss garden cress, carnosine and peptides.

3. No nasties

You’ve found a line that’s safe and that works – perfect! But wait – are there any harmful ingredients added to the formula? Brands add ingredients to make the product look, feel and (especially) smell better. But these don’t increase the effectiveness of the product and can actually be harmful. Look for and avoid any products formulated with parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances/parfums, artificial colors, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate and triclosan.

IYAC is committed to offering safe and effective skincare that is good for your face and your health. That’s why we provide a thorough list of ingredients for every product on our website. We want you to know what’s in our skincare. Take a look for yourself and feel free to ask our doctors any questions about ingredients to know – and avoid – next time you’re in our offices.

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