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15 Jul, 2019 / Skincare


A Page from the Doctor’s Notebook

Q: Do I really need a separate moisturizer for my eyes?

Dr Chung: In short, the answer is YES. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate. Some moisturizing creams are not suitable for this area. You want to pick an eye cream that is gentle and lightweight – one that will not trigger any irritations. It’s also vital to choose a cream that is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants that target the specific needs of the skin around the eyes. These ingredients can make a big difference – they can brighten the skin, improve dark circles and reduce fine lines. Another option is to apply a light-weight serum that contains similar types of ingredients.

Not all eye products are created equally. Some that I use and recommend include:

  • Energizing Eye Cream – a luxurious blend of Silk Crystal, black ginseng extract, snow mushroom extract and astaxanthin to soothe tired eyes and reduce fine lines and puffiness.
  • Nutrient Serum – this non-comedogenic and potent blend of Swiss-derived apple stem cells and peptides helps to keep the delicate skin around the eyes firm and supple.
  • Stem Cell Sleeping Mask – this contains apple stem cells, Vitamin C, Swiss garden cress, carnosine and peptides and is safe to apply around the eye areas to help refresh the skin, similar to what it does on the rest of the face and neck.
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