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17 Dec, 2019 / IYAC
By Dr Chung Wan Ling

Sleeping Masks, for Better Beauty Sleep

You already have a good facial cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen in your beauty repertoire, but still feel that the skin is a little lackluster? Then it may be time to up your nightly skincare with on overnight sleeping mask! A good sleeping mask will pack a punch and is easy to use – slather this generously over your entire face at the end of your usual skincare and head off to bed! In the morning, wash off the mask as in your routine cleansing. How easy is this for better beauty sleep? 


What is a sleeping mask?

Walk into any department store and you will find a face mask that suits every sort of budget. Face masks these days have become plentiful and come in all sorts of varieties – from organic clay and mineral muds, to cute animal sheet masks and gel peel-offs. While these different types of masks, that are typically worn and removed after a recommended period, may sound exciting and entice the adventurous, those specifically looking to hydrate and anti-age may want to get an overnight face sleep. A sleeping mask, also known as an overnight mask, is essentially a super-grade moisturizer, and ideally has other benefits like anti-aging or anti-acne, and works synergistically with your usual moisturizer. This is applied after your regular nightly skincare. A good sleeping mask is quickly absorbed without leaving behind any sticky residues, making messy bedsheets and stained pillowcases a non-issue. 


Why use a sleeping mask? 

Our skin’s natural repair process occurs while we sleep, hence it is timely to apply a sleeping mask right before bed, so it can complement our body’s restoration. Let the sleeping mask work while you rest.


When should I start using a sleeping mask?

Our skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid as we age, and hence our skin gradually loses its elasticity. The effects appear as early as in our 30s. Do you ever notice how those fines lines look deeper overnight and those pillow creases seem to linger on a little longer? Adding an overnight face mask from your late 20s is useful to retard and target these aging signs. 


Which sleeping mask is good for me?

For general anti-aging and hydration, try IYAC’s Stem Cell Sleeping Mask. This sleeping mask’s magic lies in the restorative properties of Swiss apple stem cells, maintaining and repairing damaged tissue cells that are subjected to the daily barrage of external and internal stresses. Besides apple stem cells, this anti-aging sleeping mask is also a nutritious cocktail of Swiss garden cress (lightening pigments)vitamin C (brightening)carnosine (firming), and peptides (building collagen) that can hydrate, calm and energize the skin. Wake up to hydrated soft skin.

Fun fact: Derived from a rare apple variety (Uttwiler Spätlauber) cultivated for its prolonged storability and moisture retention, Swiss apple stem cells offer exceptional age-defying and revitalizing effects. When these apple skins are punctured, they heal itself, like human skin! Once picked, these apples last for months longer than ordinary apples. 

For calming acne-prone skin, try IYAC’s Acne Clearing Sleeping Mask. This mask is specifically formulated to speed up healing of acne marks and blemishes while keeping new problems at bay. Powered by natural ingredients such as silk crystal (hydrating)tea tree (anti-inflammatory)ginseng (boosting blood circulation) and elm (soothing and healing), this quick-acting, non-drying and pleasantly scented formula fights acne-causing bacteriacalms and reduces redness, soothing irritations. At the same time, it hydrates and regenerates the skin, leaving pores cleaner and tighter. This mask is also suitable as a lightweight moisturizer for teens with troubled skin.

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